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Cacao & Spirulina in Perfect Harmony

Cacao & Spirulina in Perfect Harmony

There’s never a dull moment on the LoveRaw team: when we’re not sourcing some of the healthiest food ingredients from around the world, we’re normally sat thinking up innovative ways to make our superfoods even more delicious than they are already.

Take our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar, for instance.

Healthy food straight from the Aztecs


Okay, so the healthy bit is covered by a small (but beautifully formed) plant called spirulina which is a complete protein containing more essential amino acids than you can shake a stick at. (In fact, what you may not know is that spirulina was originally a food source for the Aztecs and Mesoamericans and they were a pretty healthy bunch!) This plant is the daddy of superfoods. Seriously, just take a look at its credentials: it provides most of the protein you need to live (not a bad start), it helps prevent those little allergies like sniffling and sneezing, it reinforces your immune system, helps control high blood pressure and can even help protect you from cancer. Honestly, could there be a better superfood? Okay, if it did the dishes too, then that would possibly be better…

Now, the yummy bit is covered by the raw cacao which we ethically source from Ecuador! I know, it does seem like a long way to go just for a bit of flavour but it does seem to be worth it because this baby is selling like hot cakes (organic hot cakes…naturally!)

You see, when raw cacao is 100% pure and unprocessed – which it is in our gorgeous energy bars – then it’s full of natural antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavanols. And you know that anything containing ‘ols’ has got to be good, right? These particular ‘ols’ help neutralise harmful free radicals in your body which promotes overall health and (yes, there’s more) it is a fantastic mood enhancer. 

But the real trick – and don’t go telling anyone this – is that we combine all this lovely healthiness with the other premium organic ingredients and (this is the clever bit) slow dry it all at 38°C, so no vitamins or minerals are lost! How clever are we?

Love LoveRaw? You’re in good company

Now, the gang here at LoveRaw doesn’t like to blow its own trumpet but, on this occasion, I’m going to blow our own trumpet. Why, I hear you ask? Because when one of our superfoods gets a glowing write up on we want to shout it from the organic, ethically-sourced rooftops (if, indeed, there are such things). I mean when a review says, “the two bars I had the pleasure of trying were absolutely divine,” it’s pretty hard not to jump up and down in frenzied delight, isn’t it?   

Now, when it comes to getting your hands on these fabulous energy bars of ours, the team at LoveRaw have made it real easy to locate and enjoy. The interactive stockist map on our website is a smart little tool; just type in your postcode and up will pop your nearest retailer who has had the good sense to put these wonderfully healthy goodies on their shelves. Oh, and by the way, my colleague has just left a note on my desk to remind you all that, as gorgeous as it is, our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar does contains nuts and we wouldn’t want you blowing up to the size of a house unnecessarily, now would we?

LoveRaw Rewarded with top Award

With our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar about to become a best-seller and receiving lots of lovely praise for how heavenly it tastes, we’re feeling a little smug right now, to be honest. Especially when all that comes on the back of the ‘commended award’ we received for our Cacao & Maca flavour bar in the recent FreeFrom Food Awards – which helps raise the profile of FreeForm foods with consumers and happens to be the industry's only award for excellence. We got commended in the ‘food to go’ category and the oh-so-impressed judges said of our delicious bar, “Crunchy, good texture, flavoursome – can really taste the nuts. Impressive that it’s free from so many allergens and low in sugar.” Fantastic!

Well, we can’t stand here resting on our laurels (as much as we’d like to!) we’ve got more healthy flavour combinations to find to keep you guys coming back for more.

Keep chomping!

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