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Our Top 4 Hot & Healthy Eating Spots in London

The awesome thing about London at the moment is the influx of healthy cafes and restaurants. We appreciate good vegan/raw food with creative flair and flavours; so we decided to put together a list of our top 4 favourite healthy eating spots in London that you guys HAVE to try! Be sure to have your smartphone to hand when visiting these hot spots because the meals served 100% qualify as #foodporn!

Tanya’s Cafe


This wonderful haven of glorious goodness is the brainchild of Tanya Maher, a raw food specialist and wellness coach, you can check out her blog here. Everything served at Tanya’s is raw, organic, plant-based and free from gluten and refined sugars.  The food is delicious and the presentation is superb, plus she serves superfood cocktails, making us feel a little less guilty about after work drinks!  The restaurant is also filled with personal quirks that can’t help but make you smile. From Tanya’s thought of the day board featuring inspirational quotes to her napkins reminding us that 'Today is the best day', the positive vibes in this place are palpable.

We recommend: the avo un-toast- soft onion bread with mashed avocado and pepper flakes; the inside-out pumpkin dumplings (yum!); and pretty much ALL of their desserts!

Nama Foods


Located in the heart of Notting Hill, this raw food restaurant is a must try! Their dishes are gourmet style and well thought out. In addition, Nama offers catering, cleanses and raw food courses for those of us who are keen beans and what to prepare nutritious raw meals ourselves. Surprisingly…or maybe unsurprisingly, Nama is frequently enjoyed by non-raw/vegan visitors who are intrigued by Nama’s many delightful dishes. Their menu is amazing, and although some dehydrated dishes can sometimes feel heavy due to all the nuts and nut creams etc., Nama’s dishes satisfy your appetite without leaving you feeling weighed down.

We recommend: their caesar salad made with nori and a tasty cashew dressing; the kohlrabi ravioli made with yellow pepper coulis and probiotic sesame; the fermented blueberry cheesecake (as pictured below).

Wild Food Cafe


Wild Food Cafe is one of London’s first raw restaurants and is always bursting with life, colour and an awesome spirit of community. Their long wooden communal tables create an intimate and friendly atmosphere that we love!  Like Nama, Wild Food also offers raw food courses, from which, you will take away not only a selection of wonderful recipes but also a bunch of little nuggets of knowledge on the health benefits of certain foods.

We recommend: their wild raw burger made with shiitake mushrooms, raw olives and dulse (a super nutritious seaweed), served in wholemeal sprouted organic wheatbread; their dessert selection; and last but not least, their hot chocolate (if it’s on their specials).



This quirky bar moves around quite a bit, they currently occupy Fairly Square- London’s first fair trade bar- every Sunday and Monday. As they are usually busy, it’s best to call up and book in advance. These guys specialise in mocktails that are so delicious and nutritious they could steer us off alcoholic cocktails for good! Their food menu is also mouth-wateringly delicious.

We recommend: their maki rolls made with red quinoa, and their beet-o-tini - made with fresh home-made beetroot juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, lime and coconut water all shaken over ice!


Lots of love, 

Team LoveRaw


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February 09, 2015

Absolute pleasure Tanya- we are huge fans! Have a great week! :) <3

Tanya Maher
Tanya Maher

February 07, 2015

Aw thank you so much for including us! I do agree with your choice completely- love all! xTanya

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