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5 tips to pick the perfect avocado

How to pick avocados

At LoveRaw, we love superfoods that can be easily integrated in our busy lives. The avocado is one of the richest and tastier ones: while most fruits are high in carbohydrates, avocados are a great source of fatty acids, good fats, as well as 20 different vitamins and minerals.
They are a source of nutrients for the brain, and can help you feel fuller for longer.

They also taste amazing and can be used in green smoothies, guacamole sauce, or just simply on their own.
And remember? You can also use avocados as an all-natural conditioning hair mask.

Sounds like the perfect food. But how difficult is it to pick the right avocado?
This is because avocados only ripen when off the tree: the chemicals that kickstart the mellowing process are only released once the fruits are picked from the plant, which then mature at the shop (or in your kitchen).

But no more waiting, and no more eating rock-solid avocados: here are 5 tips to make sure your avo will always be soft and succulent.

1. Look for the colour

Ripe avocados become darker, appearing either dark green or even black depending on the variety. Compare with the other ones available if you’re not sure what variety the ones you’re looking at are.

2. Give it a gentle touch (not a squeeze)

Apply gentle pressure to the skin to judge whether the inside flesh is soft. But don’t push too hard, as this may bruise it and cause the fruit to go bad.

3. Quickly ripen at home

If your avocados are too hard, put them into a brown paper bag.
Ripening fruit emits ethylene, which speeds up the ripening process itself. By keeping avocados in the fruit, you will accelerate the process in a metaphysical fashion.
How cool is nature?

4. Pair with apples

Add bananas or apples to the paper bag. These fruits emit high amounts of ethylene, and will make the process even faster.
Remember: the bananas and apples will ripen more quickly, too!

5. Once ripe, refrigerate

When avocados start to become soft to the touch, put them in the refrigerator to stop them from softening. This will keep them perfectly ripe for up to five days.

Bonus tip: if you only use half…

…it probably wasn’t that good! So make sure you have been following 1-5. But if you managed to resist half a ripe avocado, put the pit back in the hole, and gently cover the flesh with lemon juice. Wrap it in cling film if you can, and keep it in the fridge. It will stay bright green for almost 24 hours, and you will be able to eat it for at least another two days.

How do you like to use avocados? Leave a comment below with your secret tips and recipes!

Lots of (all-natural) love,

Team LoveRaw

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