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5 Ways To Use Rosehip Powder


What is Rosehip used for?

Raw Rosehip powder is a potent natural remedy and healer for common ailments. Just for example raw Rosehip powder helps in the treatment and prevention of the common cold. It contains more vitamin C than an orange!

How to take Rosehip?

Rosehip powder has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it also works like a charm on skin since it’s a highly recognised anti-oxidant. You'll see plenty of beauty potions & lotions containing this little gem, however to feel the real benefits, it's best consumed as close to its natural state as possible. When you eat well on the inside you will shine on the outside!  

5 ways to consume raw Rosehip powder:

1. Yogurt

Sprinkle a teaspoon over your yogurt of preference - natural, coconut, almond, the choice is yours! Top with berries and almonds.

Rosehip Powder

2. With warm water

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into warm (not boiling) water, mix in a teaspoon of Rosehip powder and complete with a dash of orange peel!

3. Green Smoothie 

Blend a handful of spinach, 1 apple, 2 celery sticks, and a knob of ginger.

4. Ice Cream 

 Add some goodness to your fav ice cream (ours is vanilla Booja Booja!) with a sprinkle of Rosehip powder.

5. Granola/ Muesli

 Add a teaspoon (or two) to your favourite breakfast cereal for extra flavour and nutrition!

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    2 Responses


    January 09, 2015

    Blended with unpasteurized honey and used to sweeten tea, rose hip powder tastes great. Also place by the spoon full into water to drink. Would be a most natural use for ones health. E.K.
    Read up on energy medicine to understand what your body requires to be healthy. Query:
    What do I ingest? What do I eat?
    Do I believe in a quick fix? Nature has its cycle think about that.

    Paula Smith
    Paula Smith

    May 01, 2014

    I have Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it’s had to find anything that can help my liver in releasing the fat. I read that Rose hip powder inhibits fat formation in the liver so I’m trying to find it in it’s organic state and get some information on it. I do not take any kind of prescriptions, I only do Natural health.
    Thank you for your help. Can’t wait to hear form you.
    Paula Smith

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