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Banoffee Bounty Cups

When you're craving a bounty bar but also a slice of banoffee... you whip up a hybrid so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!


For the base: 

3 x TBS ground almonds 

2 x TBS dessicated coconut 

2 x tsp maple syrup 

1 x tsp coconut oil

Dash of salt 

For the filling: 

1 x banana 

1/2 cup soaked cashews 

2 x TBS melted coconut oil 

Dash of salt 

For the chocolate layer: 

4 x LoveRaw Butter Cups



Mix all of the base ingredients together and press into small cupcake silicone moulds. For the filling blend all of the ingredients together and pour over the base. Make sure that you soak the cashews overnight or for an hour in hot water, rinsing them before adding them into the blender. In a bain marie melt the Butter Cups and spoon over the filling layer. Pop them in the freezer overnight or for 2-3 hours and enjoy frozen or slightly thawed.





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