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LoveRaw's Top 15 Foods to Buy Organic

Caught the Organic September bug but restricted by budget and accessibility? Don't beat yourself up! We appreciate that organic isn't always the most affordable option and that not everyone has access to variety; so don't feel the pressure to suddenly replace everything with organic alternatives!

It is believed that certain fruit and veg absorb more pesticides than others, so instead of replacing your entire fridge, look at replacing a selection of these top offenders!

To make your life super easy we have listed our top 15 foods to buy organic and a handy little infographic which you can print out and stick on the fridge as reminder!

Top 15 Foods to Buy Organic


We hate to break it to you, but these gorgeous, juicy, heart shaped berries topped this years (2016) most contaminated fruit list! The Environmental Working Group reported that a whopping 300 pounds of pesticides were applied to each acre of strawberries. Let's keep your Pimms clean and definitely opt for organic in this case!


These guys were also up there as one of the worst offends! The USDA reported that 91% of non organic apples were found to contain pesticides.


We love their soft skin, but this is exactly what makes the peach more susceptible to absorbing all those nasty chemicals - make sure you buy organic! 


As a close relative to the peach it's really no surprise that the trusty nectarine is on the list too. On average they contain around 33 chemical pesticides! 


Grapes have a nasty habit of ripening too quickly and attracting insects when they mold. This results in the growers spraying them with various chemicals. Best buy your grapes organic!


We know these juicy little gems are pricey at the best of times, but with up to 42 pesticide residues found by the USDA, we're going to play it safe and opt for organic!


These guys aren't far behind cherries with up to 40 pesticide residues, 11 of which are suspected hormone disruptors. Sorry Mr Pear, if you aren't organic we're not interested!


Celery contains a whopping 64 pesticide residues, 27 of which are suspected hormone disrupters! You're best option? You guessed it - buy organic!


You'd think fresh is always best right? Wrong! The USDA found up 54 chemical residues on fresh non organic spinach, but only 18 on non organic canned! Of course the ideal option is to buy fresh and organic!


From neurotoxins, to developmental or reproductive toxins and suspected hormone disruptors, tomatoes were found to be contaminated with 35 pesticides.

Cherry Tomatoes

Big tomatoes, small tomatoes...don't trust them!! They may be little, but these guys contain almost double the amount of pesticides than the big boys.

Bell Peppers

What do you like in your fajitas? Guacamole, black beans, grilled peppers and 15 pesticides...thought not! 


Cucumber - a classic addition to the trusty salad, however they were found to contain a shocking 86 pesticide residues!! Yes, I'm afraid we haven't made a mistake here.


The potato - a common staple veg in our kitchen, but the average potato had more pesticides by weight than any other produce! 


Although this tough green leaf rarely suffers from disease or pests it is still sprayed with lots of chemicals. Luckily due to it's recent rise in fame, it's not difficult to find organic options at local farmers markets and organic supermarkets - yay!

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