The Mums of LoveRaw Part 2

We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our mums. To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked our team what they would like to thank their mum for.

Here's what they said!



Rhys - Junior Designer 

"I can't thank my mum enough for everything she's done for me! I love her for her passion and drive, and endless patience with me and my Dad - she's been a constant source of inspiration and love!"




Declan - NPD Manager 

"The world wouldn't be the same without Mum. Who would be there to make the best roasts, tell embarrassing stories about me to friends and make jokes about how I'm her favourite but only son! She's one of a kind."



Hannah - Head of Marketing 

"This Mother's Day I'd like to thank my mum for being my inspiration! Her positivity is infectious and she is the kindest soul I know. Nothing is ever too much. Thanks for everything you do, you're my idol."



Rosie - Social Media Assistant 

"I'm thankful because she is my best mate and we don't go a day without having a laugh!"





Edd - Senior Digital Marketing Executive  

" I want to thank my mom (yes, I say mom) for showing me the true meaning of strength and resilience. She is the glue that holds my family together and I'll always be grateful for that."




So whether you're celebrating together or from afar, today is the day to say thank you for all their unconditional love and support.

Let us know on social how you'll be celebrating your mum! Whether it’s with a cheesy video, flowers, or some special chocolates 😉 

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