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We're in Waitrose!

First Sainsbury's, now Waitrose...world domination is well on it's way here at LoveRaw!!

After many months of hard grafting and hustling we are so excited to be able to say that our Almond Drinks are now stocked in one of our fav supermarkets - Waitrose!!! You will now be able to pick up all three flavours in nearly 300 stores!

LoveRaw in Waitrose

Which Waitrose stores are you?

We're in nearly 300 stores throughout the UK. Head to our stockist map, type in your town or postcode to find your closest store! Having trouble finding one? Just ping us an email!

Which section of Waitrose will I find the Almond Drinks?

You will find our Almond Drinks in the ambient milk section, however they are best served chilled before you drink them so pop them in the fridge as soon as you get home!

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