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Botox injections, chemical peels, medicine cabinets packed to the brim with masks, astringents, and scrubs. Whoever claimed that beauty was priceless?

That little tube of acne cream might seem like the best quick-fix for your monthly breakouts, in the same way that Botox or chemical peels can offer instant gratification for wrinkles and fine lines. However these remedies are likely doing more destruction than good, certainly for your wallet in addition to your skin’s longevity. Moreover, no one uses just one product these days anymore. It’s usually product layered upon product; one tonic to purify, one scrub to exfoliate, one serum to smooth, a mask to extract, a cream to moisturise, plus those in-between spot treatments.

The same way that switching to organic, whole, or raw foods will reboot and strengthen your body, switching to raw, pure, and organic beauty products can strengthen your complexion and result in healthy skin in the long run. With the mindset to simplify and better knowledge of a few natural key ingredients, one can achieve radiant, permanently healthy skin - without a medicine cabinet full of tiny bottles. Here are three of our favorite hidden gems!

Natural Beauty Products

1. MSM Powder

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane. Though it sounds like something straight from a chemistry lab, MSM is a naturally-occurring compound, fundamental to the development of proteins in all living creatures. For humans, MSM helps maintain joint strength and flexibility, improves digestion, and hastens recovery time after athletic workouts. Because of its powers of cell rejuvenation and improving blood circulation, it is extremely beneficial for strengthening hair, nails, and skin.

Take caution to read product labels when purchasing MSM powder to ensure the selection of a brand without additives or fillers.

How to Use:

  1. Mix a spoonful of MSM in a glass of water. Optional:  add a spoonful of Vitamin C powder, which will aid in the better absorption of the minerals.
  2. The powder will dissolve most easily in warm water, so dissolve in a few tablespoons of warm water to start, then add cool water, ice, or juice.
  3. rink daily! MSM can also be applied topically to the skin, mixed with lotions or aloe vera (all-natural, of course) to help in the healing of scars and blemishes, soothe sunburns, aid psoriasis and eczema, and maintain youthful and healthy skin.


2. Indian Aztec Clay

Cleopatra was known to spread Dead Sea mud on her face and body. Some of the earlier recorded instances of a luxurious spa treatments, perhaps. Around here, we deem that if it’s good enough for the queen of the Nile, it’s good enough for us to try. Aztec Secret is our choice for a weekly mud mask, given its effectiveness as well as its pure state of raw ingredients. Made from 100% bentonite clay (also, interestingly, found in kitty litter!) sourced from the American desert, it is comprised of natural minerals that draw out your skin's impurities.

How to Use:

  1. Once a week, mix a spoonful or two of Aztec Secret with equal parts apple cider vinegar until it forms a thick paste. Make sure to combine in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon (no reactive metals!).
  2. Using the spoon, spread over the face, avoiding the eyes, and set a timer for 15-20 minutes. You will feel the clay mud drying up and pulling your skin taut.
  3. After 20 minutes, remove clay by washing off with warm water. This part can get a little messy, so we suggest taking an old towel and dampening with hot water. Then press over the face to create a steam effect, loosening the mask and soothing pores at the same time. Proceed to peel off larger chunks of clay and wash off the remainder with warm water.

**Every so often, we encourage you to add a bit of organic honey to the mud mask. Honey has strong antioxidant properties, hydrates, and promotes cellular regeneration on its own.


3. Lemon Juice 

It seems like with night creams, the more complicated, the more expensive, the smaller, the more potent…the more popular. However we have a trick that is easy, cheap, that you can make every night, and smells better than most other products on the market. It works wonders to clear the complexion and leave you with radiant and healthy skin. The magic ingredient? Lemon juice, which is known to brighten the complexion, and lessen the appearance of dark spots and scars.

How to Use:

  1. Each night before bed, squeeze the juice of a lemon into a small dish- about a tablespoon or two.
  2. Add any essential oil, not only for scent, but also for remedial properties. Our three favorites are: rose hip oil for antioxidant benefits, tea tree oil for irritated skin, or lavender oil when you want to relax and soothe. Apply a thin layer with your fingers over your face and neck just prior to bedtime.
  3. Either wash off after 15 minutes, or sleep on it and wash off first thing in the morning.

Remember, good things and permanent fixes rarely come in an instant. Or in a tiny bottle for that matter.


What is Rosehip used for?

Raw Rosehip powder is a potent natural remedy and healer for common ailments. Just for example raw Rosehip powder helps in the treatment and prevention of the common cold. It contains more vitamin C than an orange!

How to take Rosehip?

Rosehip powder has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it also works like a charm on skin since it’s a highly recognised anti-oxidant. You'll see plenty of beauty potions & lotions containing this little gem, however to feel the real benefits, it's best consumed as close to its natural state as possible. When you eat well on the inside you will shine on the outside!  

5 ways to consume raw Rosehip powder:

1. Yogurt

Sprinkle a teaspoon over your yogurt of preference - natural, coconut, almond, the choice is yours! Top with berries and almonds.

Rosehip Powder

2. With warm water

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into warm (not boiling) water, mix in a teaspoon of Rosehip powder and complete with a dash of orange peel!

3. Green Smoothie 

Blend a handful of spinach, 1 apple, 2 celery sticks, and a knob of ginger.

4. Ice Cream 

 Add some goodness to your fav ice cream (ours is vanilla Booja Booja!) with a sprinkle of Rosehip powder.

5. Granola/ Muesli

 Add a teaspoon (or two) to your favourite breakfast cereal for extra flavour and nutrition!

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Skin Food

Team LoveRaw x

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