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The awesome thing about London at the moment is the influx of healthy cafes and restaurants...

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Hey, so the final round of our CUT THE CRAP theme brings us to our lives specifically, the habits we...

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Part 3 of our CUT THE CRAP theme, the truth about non-dairy. Before quitting dairy I was...

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So continuing with our theme to CUT THE CRAP. This week we are talking about the Free From...

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Happy New Year guys, I am going to kick it off by cutting the crap. A little controversial subject coming up, but I want to speak out about what’s on my mind. In January we will be pointing out some home truths. May I start off by stating that this is my opinion and ingredients I avoid.

We all lead busy, time-poor lives and when it comes to scanning the supermarket shelves for healthy options, many of us don’t have the time to run through the ingredients on the growing number of food items which claim to be healthier alternatives. For the vast majority of us, we take the food brands which describe themselves as ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’ at face value: with little or no time to check, we have to entrust ourselves to these claims. And this is the problem. The guys who market these products are clever people: food marketing teams have considerable skill in making packaging – and the messaging on it – very attractive to health-conscious consumers. They make bold claims about the health credentials of their brands while keeping the reality – i.e. the actual ingredients – tucked away in the small print.

I have discovered this is a particularly prominent issue with several health and energy bars which either claim to offer health benefits or are positioned for healthy living. Frankly I’m a little pissed off, many of these bars aren’t what they seem and are skewing the definition of what represents a truly healthy snack. Bad bars are giving good bars a bad name; bars should be as clean as possible, no unnecessary ingredients and made from wholefoods. Consumers need transparency and education, otherwise what’s the point? Here are a few revealing truths about certain, so-called ‘health bars’ that I’ve managed to uncover while on my travels: please take heed.

Sugar is sugar, right?

Nope. Bar brands can choose a multitude of sugar formats from glucose, organic cane syrup, raw cane sugar, grape juice concentrate, high maltose corn syrup, rice syrup, brown rice syrup to agave and maltodextrin. While many bars contain natural sugars, a high percentage of them are highly refined which means they only offer a rack of ‘empty calories’. If you’re going to put sugar into your body at least ensure it has some nutritional value outside of pure energy. Agave is one example of a popular, highly-refined sugar source which is virtually devoid of any nutritional value once eaten in a bar.       

Bars which use natural sources such as dates contain sugar which is more nutritionally dense than a refined alternative as it contains fibre, minerals and vitamins.

KEY OFFENDERS: Bounce Energy Balls, Nature Valley, Kind & Eat Natural, Clif, Trek, & 9 bar

What about Soy?

Another watch out: Soy Lecithin is used extensively in health bars as an emulsifier (allows water and oil to mix). It is a deeply unpleasant vacuum-dried sludge left over from the soy oil refining process and – as with many other soy products – usually comes from genetically modified soybean plants. Avoid this ingredient or at least look out for organic or non-GMO soy lecithin.  

KEY OFFENDERS: Nature Valley, Kind, Trek & Eat Natural

Does the same go for vegetable oil?  

Absolutely. Producing vegetable oil involves chemical extraction, bleaching and deodorising. If that’s not enough to put you off then please also note its excess level of Omega-6 can lead to inflammation and illness.

KEY OFFENDERS: Nature Valley, Eat Natural, Trek & 9 bar

Can we assume natural flavouring is okay?

Sadly, no. Natural flavouring, as defined by the UK Food Standards Agency, is “a flavouring substance obtained, by physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes”. While this may seem harmless enough, the term ‘natural’ is often stretched somewhat by a number of manufacturers.

Take, for instance, Castoreum which is extracted from a beaver’s anal glands and used as vanilla flavouring; it’s so popular that beavers are nearly extinct. Or the plant extract, Benzaldehyde, which is used as almond flavouring and contains traces of hydrogen cyanide which is toxic.

If you see the ingredient “Natural flavouring” on your choice of product perhaps contact the company and ask what the ingredient consists of. Ask for the official ingredient name and look it up for yourself.  So this is exactly what I did, I called Natural Balance Foods to ask what their “Natural flavouring” consists of:

Natural Balance Foods: “We cannot be too specific, we use anything derived from fruit, veg or herbs. Manufacturers of flavourings won’t give exact ingredients as it’s a protected recipe.”

If a food company uses good quality and flavourful ingredients with minimal processing, there should be no need to add “Natural flavouring”.

KEY OFFENDERS: Nakd & Trek bars

Challenge your bar of choice!

Surely. It’s time to cut the crap. Health bars – or energy bars purporting to be aligned to a healthier lifestyle – have to practice what they preach. I’m a little tired of reading ‘100% Natural Ingredients’ on pack, only to find that, when I dig a bit deeper, the product just doesn’t stack up.

Get real…or get out of the game!



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Cacao & Spirulina in Perfect Harmony

There’s never a dull moment on the LoveRaw team: when we’re not sourcing some of the healthiest food ingredients from around the world, we’re normally sat thinking up innovative ways to make our superfoods even more delicious than they are already.

Take our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar, for instance.

Healthy food straight from the Aztecs


Okay, so the healthy bit is covered by a small (but beautifully formed) plant called spirulina which is a complete protein containing more essential amino acids than you can shake a stick at. (In fact, what you may not know is that spirulina was originally a food source for the Aztecs and Mesoamericans and they were a pretty healthy bunch!) This plant is the daddy of superfoods. Seriously, just take a look at its credentials: it provides most of the protein you need to live (not a bad start), it helps prevent those little allergies like sniffling and sneezing, it reinforces your immune system, helps control high blood pressure and can even help protect you from cancer. Honestly, could there be a better superfood? Okay, if it did the dishes too, then that would possibly be better…

Now, the yummy bit is covered by the raw cacao which we ethically source from Ecuador! I know, it does seem like a long way to go just for a bit of flavour but it does seem to be worth it because this baby is selling like hot cakes (organic hot cakes…naturally!)

You see, when raw cacao is 100% pure and unprocessed – which it is in our gorgeous energy bars – then it’s full of natural antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavanols. And you know that anything containing ‘ols’ has got to be good, right? These particular ‘ols’ help neutralise harmful free radicals in your body which promotes overall health and (yes, there’s more) it is a fantastic mood enhancer. 

But the real trick – and don’t go telling anyone this – is that we combine all this lovely healthiness with the other premium organic ingredients and (this is the clever bit) slow dry it all at 38°C, so no vitamins or minerals are lost! How clever are we?

Love LoveRaw? You’re in good company

Now, the gang here at LoveRaw doesn’t like to blow its own trumpet but, on this occasion, I’m going to blow our own trumpet. Why, I hear you ask? Because when one of our superfoods gets a glowing write up on we want to shout it from the organic, ethically-sourced rooftops (if, indeed, there are such things). I mean when a review says, “the two bars I had the pleasure of trying were absolutely divine,” it’s pretty hard not to jump up and down in frenzied delight, isn’t it?   

Now, when it comes to getting your hands on these fabulous energy bars of ours, the team at LoveRaw have made it real easy to locate and enjoy. The interactive stockist map on our website is a smart little tool; just type in your postcode and up will pop your nearest retailer who has had the good sense to put these wonderfully healthy goodies on their shelves. Oh, and by the way, my colleague has just left a note on my desk to remind you all that, as gorgeous as it is, our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar does contains nuts and we wouldn’t want you blowing up to the size of a house unnecessarily, now would we?

LoveRaw Rewarded with top Award

With our new Cacao & Spirulina Energy Bar about to become a best-seller and receiving lots of lovely praise for how heavenly it tastes, we’re feeling a little smug right now, to be honest. Especially when all that comes on the back of the ‘commended award’ we received for our Cacao & Maca flavour bar in the recent FreeFrom Food Awards – which helps raise the profile of FreeForm foods with consumers and happens to be the industry's only award for excellence. We got commended in the ‘food to go’ category and the oh-so-impressed judges said of our delicious bar, “Crunchy, good texture, flavoursome – can really taste the nuts. Impressive that it’s free from so many allergens and low in sugar.” Fantastic!

Well, we can’t stand here resting on our laurels (as much as we’d like to!) we’ve got more healthy flavour combinations to find to keep you guys coming back for more.

Keep chomping!


With the new year, comes new resolutions. A resolution to go to the gym every morning at 5am, with new workout clothes and shoes to match. A resolution to join that vigorous pickup game at the local football field, maybe make a new friend or two. A resolution to cut out all carbs and sugars, and finally eat “healthy”. A resolution to take a pair of scissors to those credit cards, but only after purchasing all those new workout clothes, of course. As if, all of a sudden, we’re able to make a better versions of ourselves, because one midnight out of the 364 other midnights of the year grants us liability to do so.


In 2007, Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol released findings on a study of 3,000 people who set New Year's resolutions. In his study, he found that 88 percent of those who set resolutions at the beginning of the year failed, despite the fact that 52 percent of the study's participants were certain they would succeed when they set the goal. Time Magazine online reports that 60% of gym memberships purchased with the January rush go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.


In addition to gym-going, one of the most common resolutions we make for the New Year is to improve our eating habits. Whether it be for vanity’s or biology’s sake, most of us will have spent the first couple months of the new year restricting cravings and eliminating consumption. But eventually, just like gym attendance, our eating habits will resume back to normal as the days go on. So realising this, how do we prevent a slippery slope back in time?


The answer is moderation, not elimination. Where in a few instances it’s best to say all or nothing; quitting smoking cold turkey versus weaning off one smoke at a time, or breaking up with that bad boyfriend, for example, an approach to a lifetime of healthy eating should come slowly, surely, and with mindful intention.


A healthy diet, one that is rid of refined sugars, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods, is a lifelong pursuit. For today, start with one little step forward—something as simple as not stocking Nutella in your cupboard, for example. Once that’s accomplished, bigger goals can be piled on. Eating salad rather than chips with your burger, having fresh green juice every morning instead of buttered toast, walking the long way home instead of taking the tube. The more good that is achieved, the more you’ll find yourself craving more—more of the good stuff, that is. And before you know it, 2015 will be knocking on your door, and you'll be ready to face it head on.

Botox injections, chemical peels, medicine cabinets packed to the brim with masks, astringents, and scrubs. Whoever claimed that beauty was priceless?

That little tube of acne cream might seem like the best quick-fix for your monthly breakouts, in the same way that Botox or chemical peels can offer instant gratification for wrinkles and fine lines. However these remedies are likely doing more destruction than good, certainly for your wallet in addition to your skin’s longevity. Moreover, no one uses just one product these days anymore. It’s usually product layered upon product; one tonic to purify, one scrub to exfoliate, one serum to smooth, a mask to extract, a cream to moisturise, plus those in-between spot treatments.

The same way that switching to organic, whole, or raw foods will reboot and strengthen your body, switching to raw, pure, and organic beauty products can strengthen your complexion and result in healthy skin in the long run. With the mindset to simplify and better knowledge of a few natural key ingredients, one can achieve radiant, permanently healthy skin - without a medicine cabinet full of tiny bottles. Here are three of our favorite hidden gems!

Natural Beauty Products

1. MSM Powder

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane. Though it sounds like something straight from a chemistry lab, MSM is a naturally-occurring compound, fundamental to the development of proteins in all living creatures. For humans, MSM helps maintain joint strength and flexibility, improves digestion, and hastens recovery time after athletic workouts. Because of its powers of cell rejuvenation and improving blood circulation, it is extremely beneficial for strengthening hair, nails, and skin.

Take caution to read product labels when purchasing MSM powder to ensure the selection of a brand without additives or fillers.

How to Use:

  1. Mix a spoonful of MSM in a glass of water. Optional:  add a spoonful of Vitamin C powder, which will aid in the better absorption of the minerals.
  2. The powder will dissolve most easily in warm water, so dissolve in a few tablespoons of warm water to start, then add cool water, ice, or juice.
  3. rink daily! MSM can also be applied topically to the skin, mixed with lotions or aloe vera (all-natural, of course) to help in the healing of scars and blemishes, soothe sunburns, aid psoriasis and eczema, and maintain youthful and healthy skin.


2. Indian Aztec Clay

Cleopatra was known to spread Dead Sea mud on her face and body. Some of the earlier recorded instances of a luxurious spa treatments, perhaps. Around here, we deem that if it’s good enough for the queen of the Nile, it’s good enough for us to try. Aztec Secret is our choice for a weekly mud mask, given its effectiveness as well as its pure state of raw ingredients. Made from 100% bentonite clay (also, interestingly, found in kitty litter!) sourced from the American desert, it is comprised of natural minerals that draw out your skin's impurities.

How to Use:

  1. Once a week, mix a spoonful or two of Aztec Secret with equal parts apple cider vinegar until it forms a thick paste. Make sure to combine in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon (no reactive metals!).
  2. Using the spoon, spread over the face, avoiding the eyes, and set a timer for 15-20 minutes. You will feel the clay mud drying up and pulling your skin taut.
  3. After 20 minutes, remove clay by washing off with warm water. This part can get a little messy, so we suggest taking an old towel and dampening with hot water. Then press over the face to create a steam effect, loosening the mask and soothing pores at the same time. Proceed to peel off larger chunks of clay and wash off the remainder with warm water.

**Every so often, we encourage you to add a bit of organic honey to the mud mask. Honey has strong antioxidant properties, hydrates, and promotes cellular regeneration on its own.


3. Lemon Juice 

It seems like with night creams, the more complicated, the more expensive, the smaller, the more potent…the more popular. However we have a trick that is easy, cheap, that you can make every night, and smells better than most other products on the market. It works wonders to clear the complexion and leave you with radiant and healthy skin. The magic ingredient? Lemon juice, which is known to brighten the complexion, and lessen the appearance of dark spots and scars.

How to Use:

  1. Each night before bed, squeeze the juice of a lemon into a small dish- about a tablespoon or two.
  2. Add any essential oil, not only for scent, but also for remedial properties. Our three favorites are: rose hip oil for antioxidant benefits, tea tree oil for irritated skin, or lavender oil when you want to relax and soothe. Apply a thin layer with your fingers over your face and neck just prior to bedtime.
  3. Either wash off after 15 minutes, or sleep on it and wash off first thing in the morning.

Remember, good things and permanent fixes rarely come in an instant. Or in a tiny bottle for that matter.


What is Rosehip used for?

Raw Rosehip powder is a potent natural remedy and healer for common ailments. Just for example raw Rosehip powder helps in the treatment and prevention of the common cold. It contains more vitamin C than an orange!

How to take Rosehip?

Rosehip powder has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it also works like a charm on skin since it’s a highly recognised anti-oxidant. You'll see plenty of beauty potions & lotions containing this little gem, however to feel the real benefits, it's best consumed as close to its natural state as possible. When you eat well on the inside you will shine on the outside!  

5 ways to consume raw Rosehip powder:

1. Yogurt

Sprinkle a teaspoon over your yogurt of preference - natural, coconut, almond, the choice is yours! Top with berries and almonds.

Rosehip Powder

2. With warm water

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into warm (not boiling) water, mix in a teaspoon of Rosehip powder and complete with a dash of orange peel!

3. Green Smoothie 

Blend a handful of spinach, 1 apple, 2 celery sticks, and a knob of ginger.

4. Ice Cream 

 Add some goodness to your fav ice cream (ours is vanilla Booja Booja!) with a sprinkle of Rosehip powder.

5. Granola/ Muesli

 Add a teaspoon (or two) to your favourite breakfast cereal for extra flavour and nutrition!

Buy our Skin Food Booster which contains Rosehip powder!

Skin Food

Team LoveRaw x

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