Hazelnut Butter & Raspberry Cups

We were feelin' fancy so we layered up our Hazelnut Butter cups for the ultimate giant cup!



3/4 cups fresh raspberries

2 x Tbs chia seeds

1-2 x Tbs maple syrup

Squeeze of lemon 

100g of dark vegan chocolate

3 x Hazelnut Butter Cups 


For the raspberry chia jam simmer the  fresh raspberries in about 1 Tbs water on a medium heat. As they soften, mash with a wooden spoon. Stir in  the chia and maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon. Once combined, set the jam aside for 15/20 minutes to let the chia seeds absorb the liquid and thicken.

In a bain-marie, melt the dark vegan chocolate. Spoon the melted chocolate into cupcake moulds and layer with a Butter Cup followed by a generous spoon of raspberry chia jam and a final layer of melted chocolate. Refrigerate for about an hour until solid. 


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