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Meet Team LoveRaw

Rimi - Head Hustler

'Head Hustler' Rimi

Favourite LoveRaw Product: Cacao Cardamom Almond Drink hands down!

Health Hack: Easy Greens every morning half hour before breakfast. I get minimal sleep as a mother to a toddler and this keeps me energised. Also taking a collagen supplement, its a game changer.

Guilty Pleasure: Having an evening bath, with a bottle of cold kombucha listening to my podcast.

Manav 'Growth Hacker'

'Growth Hacker' Manav

Favourite LoveRaw Product: Cacao & Cardamom Almond Drink.

Health Hack: 30g of protein with 30 minutes of waking, helps restart fat loss.

Guilty Pleasure: Booja Booja Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream. Could eat a tub every day!

Lucy - Social Media Superstar

'Social Media Superstar' Lucy

Favourite LoveRaw Product: Skin Food Booster. I have it on my breakfast everyday!

Health Hack: No one ever regrets a work out - just do it!

Guilty Pleasure: Eating noodles in my PJ's whilst watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians!!

Kate - Office Butterfly

 'Office Butterfly' Kate

Favourite LoveRaw Product: Cacao & Spirulina Snack Bar.

Health Hack: Take ginger, apple & lemon shots to keep the colds at bay!

Guilty Pleasure: Eating an entire loaf of Banana Bread!