Best Vegan Easter Chocolate For Your Easter Egg Hunt

Call us bias, but Easter is the perfect time to eat choc. LoveRaw choc specifically. And to search for in an Easter Egg hunt. For the occasion, we have curated an Easter Box, ideal for sharing or savouring all to yourself. 

Available from 22nd March until 24th March on for guaranteed Easter delivery for your upcoming choc hunt, with an exclusive discount on top - you don’t want to miss out! To find out what’s inside the box, read on…

Nutty Choc Ball Box

You loved our Nutty Choc Ball OG 2-pack so much, we had to upgrade to the Nutty Choc Ball Box - because you can never have enough balls, right?! If you don’t already know, get to know our iconic Nutty Choc Balls with our Easter Box. 

A crunchy hazelnut coated in delicious vegan hazelnut cre&m®, covered in a crisp wafer shell, and coated with our iconic m:lk® choc and hazelnut pieces.

Vegan Easter Chocolate - Nutty choc balls

White Choc Cre&m Wafer Bar

Our White Choc Cre&m Wafer Bar came second, after the hit of M:lk Choc flavour. Now, sitting proudly on the shelves in the Tesco Meal Deal, Co-op, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, SPAR, Boots, AND BOOTHS?! We’re like proud moms. 

Each bar contains a deliciously crispy wafer, oozing with our signature cre&m® filling and generously smothered with vegan white chocolate.

Vegan Easter Chocolate - White choc cre&m wafer bars

M:lk & White Peanut Butter Cups

Love creamy, silky peanut butter? Wrapped up in delicious m:lk or white chocolate? Then you need to give our Peanut Butter Cups a go. 

If you’ve been enjoying our White Peanut Butter Cups, now is the time to grab them before they’re gone for good! Treat yourself to one last indulgence this Easter..

Vegan Easter Chocolate -  Peanut butter cups

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