How To Store Vegan Chocolate In The Summer

The summer heat can be the worst enemy for chocolate lovers. Yes, we said it! While we do love the sunshine, there’s always a question that pops up... ‘How do you prevent your LoveRaw choc from turning into a melting mess?.’ 

Well, fear not. If you’re like us and won’t let anything stop you (not even the summer heat) from your favourite vegan chocolate, read on to find out how to store and enjoy your chocolate in the summer.

What is the best temperature for storing vegan chocolate?

The ideal temperature for storing your vegan chocolate is generally between 12°C to 20°C. This range helps maintain the chocolate's quality, preventing it from melting or developing a dull appearance. Extremes in temperature can cause condensation and affect the texture, appearance and taste of your chocolate. 

For example, when chocolate is exposed to rapid temperature changes it can start to bloom. This happens when the cocoa butter rises to the surface and creates a whitish or grayish coating. That’s why bloomed chocolate often appears as chocolate that has a strange texture on its surface making it very chalky. 

How and where should I store my chocolate?

Your first thought might be the fridge of course! Well, although storing your chocolate in the fridge will definitely prevent your chocolate from melting, this might not be the best way to store it. If you want to enjoy your vegan chocolate at its best whatever the weather, we recommend storing it in the following places:

Store in a cool and dry place

It's important to store vegan chocolate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and strong odours, as chocolate readily absorbs odours from its surroundings. Ideally, you should store chocolate in a pantry or cupboard away from humidity to prevent temperature fluctuations. Your chocolate essentially will taste its best when it’s kept at a consistent temperature.

Keep in airtight container

For those who may not have a pantry (so most of us!), you can also store your chocolate in an airtight container wrapping it tightly in its original packaging to prevent it from losing its shape, texture and flavour.

But can I keep chocolate in the fridge?

Well it depends. Under extreme heat conditions where your chocolate would absolutely not survive in a cool and dry place, it is probably best to do so.

It also depends on the content in the chocolate. For example, because of the peanut content in our Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Caramel Bar, they are more susceptible to blooming in warmer temperatures, therefore, we would advise you to take extra care by storing them in a cool dry place or in the fridge if it gets too hot!

However, do make sure you wrap your chocolate tightly and then seal it in an airtight container in the back of the fridge away from other foods. Chocolate sort of does this thing where it easily absorbs odours of whatever’s in the fridge. And yes, no one really likes a pasta-smelling vegan chocolate bar. 

Vegan chocolate to enjoy in the summer

So, now that you know how to store your chocolate during hot weather, you’re probably looking to stock up on some fabulous vegan chocolate which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Look no further!

At LoveRaw, our delicious vegan chocolate is incorporated into all of our bars. Whether you’re in the mood for our hero M:lk Choc Cre&m Wafer Bar, or a Nutty Choc Ball of course, we do it all and more.

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