Shop our full range of delicious vegan chocolate. Discover a variety of vegan chocolate bar flavours free from animal products and made with plant-based ingredients.

What is vegan chocolate?

Vegan chocolate is chocolate that doesn’t contain any animal products. There are a variety of good quality, plant-based ingredients that go into the making of our tasty chocolate.

We source our ingredients ethically and sustainably, and our chocolate bars contain no palm oil and is free from artificial nonsense. They’re also super delicious.

So if you’re concerned about animal welfare, are lactose intolerant, or are vegan, (or you just really really enjoy delicious chocolate) then our chocolate bars are perfect for you!

What makes LoveRaw vegan chocolate so great?

LoveRaw started in 2013 with £600, a food processor, and a desire to make decadently indulgent and delicious chocolate.

For us, it’s always been chocolate first, vegan second. We don’t compromise on the taste and texture of chocolate. That’s why we say our chocolate is for unvegan vegans – people who aren’t necessarily vegan but love delicious chocolate.

Over the years, our chocolates have won Great Taste Awards and we’ve recreated vegan versions of everyone’s favourite chocolates – like our crispy yet richly smooth cre&m® wafer bars, indulgent m:lk choc bars, and salty-sweet peanut butter cups. From vegan milk chocolate to white chocolate, we’ve got it all!

If you’re not sure where to start, then check out our starter mix. It contains all 8 of our choc bars, wafers, balls and cups - so you can easily figure out which one is your favourite (we’re not biassed, but we love them all). You can always mix and match our vegan chocolates with our bundle packs, too. And if you know someone who enjoys their chocolate treats, then you can’t go wrong with our vegan chocolate gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of chocolate is vegan?

Vegan chocolate does not contain dairy or any animal-based ingredients. And since dark chocolate often only contains cocoa and cocoa butter (without the dairy products found in milk chocolate), it is considered vegan.

Which is the best vegan chocolate?

The “best” vegan chocolate is one that doesn't contain any animal bi-products (making it 100% vegan-friendly) but doesn’t compromise on taste and texture. At LoveRaw, we make plant-based chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate. It’s so good that it’s for unvegan vegans – people who aren’t necessarily vegan but know and love their chocolate!

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