Vegan French Toast Hot Cross Bun By @munchingwithmolly

Spruce up your Easter breakfast with a vegan spin on the classic hot cross buns! Turn these sweet treats into a fancy Vegan French toast by dunking them in a blend of vanilla oat milk and melted vegan butter. Get ready to be blown away by this delicious Vegan French Toast Hot Cross Bun recipe.

Recipe (serves 2)


    • 2 Hot Cross Bunss, sliced in half
    • 300ml oat milk
    • 1st vanilla extract
    • 1tbsp melted vegan butter


    1. Whisk together the vanilla, oat milk, and melted butter
    2. Allow your Hot Cross Buns to soak fully in the mixture for a minimum of 5 minutes
    3. Heat some more butter in a pan, and fry each Hot Cross Bun slice for 5 mins on each wide until golden brown (top tip press down slightly so the colour is even) For extra flavour, you can serve this with vanilla coconut yoghurt, crushed our Nutty Choc Balls, and berries!

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