'Unvegan' Vegans?

Veganism used to come with a stigma. 

When being a vegan was all about being a vegan.

Extremist Vegan.

Hippy Vegan.

Extremely vegan vegan vegans.

Then one day a new chocolate brand turned up.

A chocolate brand that just so happened to be vegan.

For people who just so happened to be vegan too.

Or sometimes vegan. 

People vegans.

Everyday people vegans who liked their treats to taste like treats.

People chocolate vegan people.

That last line might not make sense.

But who cares.

They said unvegan vegan chocolate wouldn’t make sense either.

Yet here we are.


Proudly vegan but not on the vegan aisle.

LoveRaw Rimi and Manav kiss my butter cups illustrations