Vegan Chocolate Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this day than with a special selection of vegan chocolate gifts? Whether your mom is vegan or not, the great thing about vegan chocolate is that you don’t need to be vegan or on a plant-based diet to enjoy it.

The gift opportunities with vegan chocolate are endless. Whether you’re putting together a chocolate hamper or sending a special vegan letterbox gift, we have a wide selection available in various types and flavours. Here are our top three vegan choc to give to your mom or the remarkable women in your life this Mother’s Day.


Our M:LK Choc Nutty Choc Balls Box make the perfect luxurious vegan chocolate gift for Mother’s Day. Each box contains individually wrapped balls, making them the ultimate vegan chocolate for sharing. As the name suggests, our Nutty Choc Balls are made of crunchy hazelnut, vegan cream, a crispy wafer shell, and our signature m:lk choc. This blend makes our Nutty Choc Balls truly irresistible and a treat any mum would love.


Choc so good you won’t believe it’s plant-based! Yes, that’s our Salted Caramel Cre&m® Wafer Bar. Another one of our chocolate bars that is an absolute must-have for Mother’s Day. Our Salted Caramel Cre&m® Wafer Bars contain a deliciously crispy wafer, filled with our signature cre&m® filling and silky smooth caramel. Each bite of this bar is better than the last. Your mum is in for a big treat.


If you’re looking for the perfect peanut-flavoured chocolate gift, then look no further! Your mum will absolutely love our White Choc Peanut Butter Cups filled with smooth, creamy peanut butter, covered in our amazing white m:lk choc. Like all our vegan chocolate, our Peanut Butter Cups are free from palm oil and artificial ingredients.  But it doesn’t end here. Your mum can also enjoy our Peanut Butter Cups in milk chocolate - Sounds great right?! 

That’s it! This is our selection of some of our lovely vegan chocolate to gift your mum or a friend on Mother’s Day. If you’re finding it hard to choose one, why not let them try them all? Explore our wide range of vegan chocolate today.

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