4 Reasons Why You Need To Try Vegan Chocolate Bars

Vegan chocolate is growing in popularity! Consumer preferences are changing and as a result many people are seeking alternatives to conventional dairy chocolate.  Although, there are still some common misconceptions about vegan chocolate. Some have adopted the view that vegan chocolate is less appealing or only suitable for vegans. However, at LoveRaw, we are here to change that. 

We absolutely love vegan chocolate and know that it can and should be enjoyed by everyone too. So if you haven’t tried it yet, here are a few reasons why you should really give vegan chocolate bars a chance. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

1. It comes in a wide variety of flavours

Who said vegan chocolate is boring? Vegan or plant-based chocolate comes in a variety of sizes, textures and amazing flavours. Whether you’re into all things caramel, nutty or creamy, you’ll definitely find a vegan chocolate bar that is right up your street. Besides our delicious variety of vegan milk and yes white chocolate too, at LoveRaw we also have a wide selection of choc. If you’re looking to try something crunchy, you’ll love our Cre&m® Wafer Bar. If you want to try a bunch of different flavours, we recommend giving our Starter Mix a try. 

2. It tastes amazing

We may be a bit biased, but vegan chocolate is delicious and a fantastic choice whether you follow a plant-based diet or not. At LoveRaw, we are dedicated to creating vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate while maintaining high-quality ingredients. Our vegan choc bars are created using plant-based flavours and ingredients, ensuring it is free from artificial additives and palm oil.

3. It boosts your mood

Vegan chocolate typically contains a higher cocoa content, resulting in a richer flavour profile. Cocoa is not only abundant in minerals and vitamins but also packed with antioxidants. These components are associated with improving and boosting your mood and overall happiness.

4. It is an eco-friendly alternative

Another great reason why you should give vegan chocolate a try, even if you're not vegan: it's an excellent eco-friendly choice. The production of vegan chocolate usually has a smaller environmental footprint than traditional chocolate production. Opting for vegan chocolate helps avoid environmental effects. By choosing vegan chocolate, you contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to give vegan chocolate bars a try? Shop our delicious range of vegan choc here.

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