We’ve Joined Tesco’s New Innovation Initiative - The Accelerator Programme

Tesco recently welcomed LoveRaw to its Welwyn Garden City campus as it launched its new innovation initiative, the Accelerator Programme.

Their new programme will provide much needed support to some of the most exciting and innovative brands in the UK. LoveRaw alongside other suppliers will be benefiting from the opportunity to be stocked in Tesco stores and online, and accelerate growth with Britain’s biggest supermarket.

As one of the fastest-growing plant-based chocolate brands, we are beyond honoured and excited to be a part of Tesco’s Accelerator Programme. We are proud to expand the availability of our products to a wider audience beyond just those who follow a plant-based diet. 

Our chocolate can be enjoyed by everyone and it has proven to be equally delicious as dairy, retaining its exceptional taste without making any compromises.

To find out more about the programme, follow the link here.

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