Vegan nutty chocolate: it’s the nuts!

Nuts and chocolate: they’re a match made in heaven. The rich cocoa of chocolate combined with the deep, earthy flavour of a nut are just two things in life that were meant to be. We’re big fans of nutty chocolate over here at LoveRaw, which is why we’ve put a lot of love into creating our vegan nutty options.

Whether you’re following a plant-based diet, or just want to do your bit for the environment and support brands that don't use palm oil, our products are the alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

So, what’re you waiting for? Grab yourself some of our delicious butter cups, or choc balls and get your nutty chocolate fix!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nut chocolate vegan?

Not all chocolate is vegan, and the same goes for nut chocolate. But, there are some great vegan nutty chocolate options out there, and LoveRaw is one of them! All our nutty chocolate - and, in fact, all our chocolate - is plant-based and completely vegan.

Which nut is best for chocolate?

Well, isn’t this a question that could start a debate! The best nut for chocolate really does depend on personal preference. However, we have to say, we at LoveRaw are particularly partial to hazelnut chocolate and peanut chocolate.

Is nut chocolate healthy?

Does the simple fact that chocolate contains nuts make it healthy? No (although we wish this was true!) That said, when consuming chocolate containing nuts, you are technically getting the nutritional benefits of the nut - like their natural fats and oils. Like everything though, our nutty chocolate should still be consumed in moderation!

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