Golden vegan caramel chocolate you’ll love

If you’re on the hunt for a plant-based, palm oil free caramel chocolate bar, then you have come to the right place! Our vegan caramel chocolate is made with plant-based ingredients and steers clear of palm oil.

Our vegan caramel products include: 

  • The Caramel M:lk® Choc Bar: a bar of heavenly melt-in-your-mouth vegan chocolate filled with soft and gooey golden caramel…what’s not to like about that? Oh, and did we mention they’re also gluten free?
  • The Salted Caramel Cre&m Wafer Bars: crispy wafers filled with irresistible caramel Cre&am and coated in a salted caramel chocolate. An absolutely top-tier vegan treat, if we do say so ourselves!

If caramel’s your thing, you need to try our caramel range - we promise you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is caramel vegan-friendly?

A traditional caramel contains animal-based products, namely butter and cream, so unfortunately is not vegan friendly. However, both of these are ingredients which, nowadays, have brilliant plant-based substitutes. This is why we at LoveRaw have been able to create a vegan-friendly caramel which tastes just like the original!

What is vegan caramel made of?

The vegan caramel you’ll find in our chocolate bars is made of the following ingredients: Glucose syrup, golden syrup, coconut milk powder, caramelised sugar, salt, emulsifiers, natural flavouring, starch, stabiliser (pectin) and water.

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