Now, let us explain ourselves, we’re not cancelling being vegan. We just think there are so many great brands serving you delicious plant-based options it should be all year round. It’s so easy to make the switch!

Because of innovators like us (you’re welcome) vegan options are more easily accessible, they taste way better and it has never been easier to embrace a plant-based diet.

Also, why be perfect for just one month when being imperfect all year round is better? We call this being an Unvegan Vegan. Hear us out - being an Unvegan Vegan 24/7, 365 has a huge impact and it’s not a big "all-in-one-go" approach which can be daunting to start and difficult to keep up!

What we should do is focus on what we ✨CAN✨ do. Whether it’s switching up your daily choco bar to a Cre&m Wafer; it’s switching out the milk in your daily coffee to Minor Figures; it’s going meat-free on Monday with THIS, Quorn or Meatless Farm; it’s choosing the vegan burger when you go to McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC; it’s not about “sacrifice” anymore. Anyway, our choc is so good you won’t even know the difference (try it, we dare you 😏)...

So, start today with a small change, a few changes or a complete overhaul of your diet and let's work toward an Unvegan Vegan year that will make all the difference!