Ever wondered what the cowboy kid is getting up to today? Or if the drum-playing gorilla is still going? Ponder no more...


After rising to fame many years ago, the so-called chocolate 'heroes' have been cast aside by Big Choc and subsequently left to fend for themselves in the cold.

That was until we came along. Our 'Where Are They Now?' documentary is a celebration of the heroes and a way of giving #TwoFingers to those that have let them down. 

Since launching the campaign, we've run billboard ads, set up a Big Choc hotline and shut down Market Street in Manchester City Centre!

There's still lots more to come from from Gabby and co so keep your eyes peeled...

Meet the heroes

Connor 'The Kid' Bennett

Instagram: @whiteandmilky36
LinkedIn: /connor-the-kid/

A child star, I decided to swap the Wild West for the North West in 2020, landing myself a Field Sales Executive position at LoveRaw. 

Favourite Quote: "If you get in the saddle, then you've got to be ready for the ride" - Me

Interesting Fact: Half of my life savings is stale white chocolate.

Gabby 'The Gorilla' Stewart

Instagram: @shebangsthedrums07
LinkedIn: /gabby-the-gorilla/ 

I'm a strong, business-minded woman that can play the drums to a professional standard. Owner of Gorilla Groove, a drum tutoring business. 

Favourite Quote: "If it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!" - Kurt Cobain

Interesting Fact: I was once a groupie for the Stones, good times.

David 'The Man' Masters

Instagram: @ladiezman1984
LinkedIn: /david-the-man/

I'm Masters, David Masters. Experienced actor and James Bond enthusiast turned LoveRaw delivery driver. Available for Cameo appearances.

Favourite Quote: “Oh, just a drink. A martini, shaken, not stirred.” - James Bond

Interesting Fact: I've been the UK's top-rated 007 tribute for over 30 years.


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