LoveRaw's 2020 Highlights

What a f*cking year...

2020 has been crazy (to say the least) but we wanted to end it on a high note and share some of our very best bits! Welcome to LoveRaw's 2020 Unwrapped!

LoveRaw Unwrapped Highlights

1. The LoveRaw Rebrand

This year we gave our brand a little makeover! We introduced our founders, Rimi and Manav as illustrations on our packaging so you can see just who it is behind the chocolate. We love what we do and wanted our brand to be as fun as our flavours! We hope you love it, because we really do!


LoveRaw Launch Cream Wafer Bars

2. We launched the iconic Cre&m® Wafer Bars!

What would a highlight be without mentioning this bad boy? After tonnes of time developing our Cre&m® Wafer we finally launched it online in September and it's been a fan fave ever since! A crispy wafer filled with vegan hazelnut cream and topped with chocolate - what's not to love? Keep your eyes peeled for our next reveal...

 LoveRaw Choc Launch

 3. We launched our M:lk® Choc Bars!

The Cre&m® Wafer wasn't the only launch of 2020, in April alongside our brand update, we launched our iconic M:lk® Choc Bars in 3 different flavours! We make vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate, so we HAD to make our own great tasting, vegan milk chocolate bar! We think it hits the spot...


LoveRaw in 14 countries

4. We launched into a tonne of different countries

We're now available for you to shop in 14 different countries, with a few more on the way! We're planning on being available globally so keep requesting us in your local stores and we can get there even faster and you can get your hands on the goods even quicker!


LoveRaw Awards

5. We won a few awards (no biggie)...

This year we were lucky enough to be nominated for a few awards, and win! We won best dairy product alternative at the World Plant Based Awards, as well as the North West Regional Great British Entreprenuer of the Year and Family Business of the Year awards. To top it off, we won Great British Entrepreneurs Family Business of the Year at the national finals! We were buzzing to say the least!

 LoveRaw Donations

6. We tried to give back as much as possible!

Instead of giving gifts this year we tried to give back. We donated over 3000 drinks to Fareshare, £500 to Manchester Central Foodbank as well as donating Cre&m® Wafers to The Sun Families campaigns and over 200 bars and wafers to the Bolton Academy to treat teachers who have kept their kids lives as normal as possible throughout 2020! We always aim to do more and plan on kicking our charity efforts up a notch in 2021!


LoveRaw Updates

7. We grew in more ways than one!

We may seem like a big business at times but we're actually still pretty small, and despite the issues we all faced this year we managed to grow our team to 10 LoveRaw Legends! Not only this, but Rimi and Manav are adding another Mini Raw'er to the team in April!

So here's to one hell of a year, and we're looking forward to what 2021 brings! Whatever happens, we'll be here, selling our top tier vegan chocolate so you can enjoy it!


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