The Perfect Vegan Chocolate Hamper

The only thing better than one chocolate bar is two, so why not go all out and treat yourself or your loved ones to some mouthwatering chocolate in a bespoke vegan chocolate hamper?

At LoveRaw, we’re not known for holding back. In fact, we pride ourselves on being bigger, bolder and better than any other chocolate-maker or chocoholic - and what’s bigger, bolder and better than a chocolate hamper? Exactly. 

We’ll never shy away from the big gifts, and you shouldn’t either. Size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to gift-giving or treating yourself, sometimes it does. So keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about vegan chocolate hampers, from what they are to how to deliver them. You’ll soon be (rightfully) earning your reputation as the best gift-giver, and that’s one Instagram-worthy title that you want to get hold of. 

Here’s one top tip before we even begin: fill your box, basket or bin of choice with a selection of Cre&m Wafer Bars, Butter Cups and M:lk Choc Bars, and you really can’t go wrong! 

What Is A Vegan Chocolate Hamper?

A vegan chocolate hamper is exactly what it sounds like: a hamper filled with delicious vegan chocolate, all wrapped up and ready to present to that special someone. 

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be in a hamper. The spirit of the gift, what makes it a banging present (if we do say so ourselves), is that it is a huge container of chocolate. So simple, yet so effective. 

It’s also a hugely versatile gift. A hamper can be filled with any kind of chocolate that your heart desires - as long as it’s vegan of course (then again, we won’t tell if you won’t!). 

Who To Gift A Vegan Chocolate Hamper

It’s the perfect gift because it can be as personal as you need it to be. This means that it’s a great way to show your sister you love her OR to convince Tina from the office that you’re not annoyed about pulling her name for secret santa for the third year in a row (you’re probably quite annoyed, but that’s okay because we’ve clearly got you covered).

While a vegan letterbox gift is ready to go (and if you’ve read one of our previous blogs, Epic Vegan Chocolate Letterbox Gifts, you’ll know exactly  how much we love them), a vegan chocolate hamper has a little bit of pizazz, and goes the extra mile, because you’re choosing exactly what to include. The days of picking out your faves from the box are gone, because they can all be your faves. 

So, who should you gift a vegan chocolate hamper? 

Your mother.

Your father.

Your sister.

Your brother.

While this is the intro to an absolute tune (Ant and Dec will always hold a special place in our hearts), it’s also the truth. A hamper is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, teachers and shop assistants will all love a hamper - partly because it’s from you, and partly because it’s full of the tastiest vegan chocolate on the market. Creamy chocolate and decadent fillings, bursting with flavour without artificial nonsense, do we even need to say more?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re gifting a vegan, because you honestly can’t taste the difference. Vegans, unvegans, anti-vegans and everyone in between will be loving you after receiving one of these bad lads.  

What To Include In A Vegan Chocolate Hamper

Deciding to gift a vegan chocolate hamper is easy; deciding what to include in it’s the hard part. There are three things you need to consider when planning the contents of your hamper: 

  1. Who you’ll be gifting.
  2. Their likes and dislikes.
  3. Any allergens.

Of course, if you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s fine too. It just means that you need to play it safe. And if for some reason they don’t like, or can’t have, the vegan chocolate that you’ve picked, they’ll definitely be able to find someone to regift it to (or even better, they’ll appreciate the effort and say that you can keep it!). 

We’re pretty confident that no matter choose, it’ll be a hit. But just in case you’re friends with some weirdos, we’ve made a quick guide. Here’s everything that we would include, as self-confessed chocaholics. We’re the kind of people that eat chocolate for breakfast, so you know you’re in safe hands. 

Something Classic

When we suggested that you play it safe, this is what we meant. You need to include something that most people will enjoy, so you can guarantee that there’s at least one thing in the hamper they can eat. Normally, this means milk chocolate, so we would suggest you add a Just Choc M:lk Choc Bar. The Just Choc M:lk Choc Bar Starter Pack contains 9 delicious “milk chocolate” bars. Empty this bad boy, and you’re already well on your way to creating the perfect chocolate hamper. 

Something Rich

Now you have the basics covered, you need something so decadently indulgent that it’s impossible to eat everything at once (and believe us, we’ve tried - more than we’d like to admit on the internet!). For this, we’d simply have to pick the Salted Caramel M:lk Choc Bar, specifically, the Salted Caramel M:lk Choc Bar Big Pack. While they’re too good to eat all at once, providing 12 of these delicious bars means that your special someone will always have a go-to bar for their lunch break, afternoon cuppa or midnight snack. 

With something classic and something rich, your hamper is already 21 strong. Take our word for it, it couldn’t be easier to create the biggest and best vegan chocolate hamper. If anything, the hard part is knowing where to stop. 

Something Crunchy

Next, we’d add something with a bit of a crunch. Texture is everything, and having something with a snap can provide a bit of variation. If you spend even half as much of your time eating vegan white chocolate as we do, you’ll know how important this is. A White Choc Cre&m Wafer Bar is the perfect addition, a delicate balancing act of sumptuous chocolate and crisp wafer. We live by the phrase “go hard or go home”, which is why we’d add in the White Choc Cre&m Wafer Case, putting 12 more bars into the hamper. 

In case you were wondering, yes all of this chocolate talk is making us hungry - it’s a hard life. 

Something Sharp

Adding something crunchy makes sure that you have different textures, but it’s also important that you have different flavours. Mixing it up makes it exciting, and if you’re grabbing their favourite flavours, it’s just another way to show that you’re paying attention. So, we’d add a few Peanut Butter Cups. When it comes to these bold, stand-out flavours, less is always more. While that’s not quite true when it comes to chocolate this good, we’re trying to show a bit of restraint here. 

Of course, the amount of each chocolate you include depends on a few factors: the occasion, how close you are to the person you’re gifting, and what your budget is. While we’ve planned out a vegan chocolate hamper of legendary proportions, it would be just as easy to do on a smaller scale. 

Decorate And Deliver!

Once you’ve filled up your hamper, you need to nail your presentation. The good thing about a chocolate hamper is that if you’re using a traditional hamper, you can pretty much call it a day in terms of decoration - it looks great on it’s own. Anything else you do is just an added bonus. 

Some of our favourite ways to decorate a hamper include:

  • Wrapping it in cellophane.
  • Adding ribbons.
  • Filling the basket with shredded tissue paper.
  • Incorporating themed items - if it’s for a birthday, you could tie on a balloon, or if it’s for a christmas present, you could include some paper snowflakes!
  • Positioning the chocolate nicely and neatly.

We’re confident that no matter how you choose to present your hamper, it’ll look great. So if you do go ahead and make a LoveRaw vegan chocolate hamper, don’t be shy! Snap a pic, tag us on Instagram, and we’ll be ready to gas you up - you might even get a cheeky reshare. 

Now that your hamper is ready, there’s only one thing left to do: deliver it! Dropping it at someone's door or desk is definitely our preferred method (any excuse for a cheeky catch up).

And then you’re done. You can officially congratulate yourself, and accept your title of best gift giver, because you’ve smashed it out of the park. If you were thinking ahead, you’ll have kept some of the chocolate behind for yourself, and so now is the time to put your feet up and taste test the chocolate that is going to make someone's day. 

The Perfect Vegan Chocolate Hamper, With LoveRaw

With three different collections and an abundance of mixed packs from our vegan chocolate range, you’re spoilt for choice here at LoveRaw. This means we can easily help you to make the perfect vegan chocolate hamper, and to earn the reputation that you clearly deserve.

If you have any questions about our products, get in touch! Complete a contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you’re interested in reading more about all things chocolate, take a look at our other blog posts - if this guide doesn’t already have your stomach rumbling, then one of our recipes definitely will. 

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