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Even though most of us are in lockdown, life can still be SO busy. Juggling work or study, making time to exercise, looking after the kids or managing relationships -  it’s so easy to forget about ourselves. Self-care is so important for our wellbeing and happiness. By taking care of ourselves, we are more likely to take care of others, meaning it’s a win win for both ourselves and everyone around us. 

We took it to our founders at Leaf Envy and LoveRaw to find out what self care means to them. 

Self-care for Rimi at LoveRaw:

LoveRaw founder Rimi Thapar


“My perception of self care has changed over the years. In my early 20’s it was going to the gym 6.30am most days. I used to be one of those people waiting outside for the gym to open (I'm no longer that way inclined). Meeting a friend for dinner or going shopping, going for an indulgent spa day, getting my hair or my nails done. It made me feel good but it was immediate gratification. The feel good factor didn't last long and I couldn't afford to do these things on a weekly basis. 

I didn't really appreciate the importance of self care, in my early 30’s I had my first baby and was burnt out from working full time, breastfeeding through the night. I no longer had the time to do any of the above and I didn't acknowledge I needed to take care of me. I mindlessly carried on, however my cup was not full. 


Outdoors Walk with LoveRaw Bars

These days my definition of self care has vastly changed mostly to my lifestyle and I've discovered it’s crucial for my mental health. Working full time and currently pregnant with my third baby, time is a precious commodity. I have to utilise the little nuggets of time that I get my hands on also living in a global pandemic has made me realise that self care can be simplified. Self care needs to be prioritised, so what's been filling my cup as of late? As cliche as it is right now, getting outdoors for a nice long walk with my family on a weekend. Getting up early before the children do for 15 minutes of prenatal yoga. Having an epsom and magnesium salt bath a few times a week whilst listening to a podcast. Once the kids go to bed either reading a book or watching a mindless Netflix series.

This is what's currently working for me right now - that will change with a newborn in a few weeks but I acknowledge the importance of it now, I wish I had earlier!”

Self-care for Beth at Leaf Envy:

Leaf Envy Founder Beth

“Whilst self-care is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, referring to anything from meditation and scented candles to pottery classes and long baths, I believe a self-care routine is ultimately yours to create. For me, plants play an important part in this. 

Now that I am spending more time at home than ever, having a peaceful and tranquil living space is key for me. I achieve this through adding botanical touches all over my house, as it creates a grounding environment and helps me feel inspired!


Plant Filled Home


Having fresh and clean air is so important for my productivity levels. I find when I’m cooped indoors all day, my mind becomes foggy and I find it hard to think. At the moment it’s been too cold to keep the windows open so I fill my working space with air-purifying and detoxifying plants which help ease my mind, and I find my focus levels improve too!

For me, relaxing and finding time to wind down is a big part of self care. Screen-based activities take up so much of my attention and time, so spending time getting hands on with hobbies or doing a practical activity always brings me an alternative sense of fulfilment”

Everyone's definition of self care is different.
That could be cooking, taking a long shower, catching up with a friend over FaceTime, pampering yourself, working out, running, meditating, getting a takeaway coffee, talking about how you feel or having some alone time. Self-care for one could be another person's nightmare, so it’s about finding what fills your cup, what makes you feel centred and what works for you.

We’d love to hear about self-care means to you. Send us a DM with your rituals at @leafenvy or @loveraw or send us an email!

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